A New Alternative for Relativity Theory

   While searching for references for a new philosophical essay, claims that existence and life (energy) are two facets of one thing, and knowing that Special Relativity introduces the famous mass energy equation $latex E=mc^2$ as its most important result, I tried to find an article showing how all aspects of relativity can be concluded directly or indirectly from this basic equation. It turned out that this is not an easy or common subject, and it requires a reconsideration of the whole theories of relativity.

   I tried to write a new theory based on the famous mass energy equation as its main postulate as well as the relativity principle. I noticed that for the sake of consistence, a new definition for Kinetic Energy is also needed, and it must be $latex E_k=mc|v| $. the same one introduced by Descartes, instead of the common modern one $latex E_K=\frac{1}{2}mv^2 $. Of course then, the reasons behind the modern definition must be rechecked.

    It turned out that by doing so, there will be no need for the additional assumptions introduced by the General Relativity theory, since the definite speed of light becomes an aspect of movement, not an aspect of the space-time, so gravitation could be considered instant.

    The paper can be found here.

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